Mini hamburguers

Another bento friendly recipe from my grandmother <3 This is my favourite food ever, my grandmother taught it to me when I left my parent's home. This will make for a lot of food, my husband and me eat this at once when I cook it but sometimes we have some leftovers that can be perfect for bento. - about 400-500 g of ground meat. - 1 egg - ground bread (it's better if it's hardened, like the bread from the day before) - a glass of milk - salt to taste (i made them saltless) - flour (a lot!) - oil 1.- beat the egg and add salt
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What's the right box?

This may sound very stupid but I find that 600ml boxes can hold more food than I can actually eat! My mum has always cooked in "diet" way as my dad and my grandmother can't eat salt, and she is particularly picky about me getting fat (I am not at all, though) so due to that I'm used to eat very small portions. I've been searching for bento boxes that are around a 500 ml capacity but I don't find them... And I'm afraid that little "side dish" boxes (those around 250-300 ml) may be too small.
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Spanish omelette recipe for bento

Hi people this is my first post. I've decided to go bento since i need to save some money due to financial crisis ._. So I've been lurking lots of bento-friendly recipes through the Internet when I realized that the most traditional recipe here in Madrid can be easily used for bentos! I'm writing the recipe below... no photos, sorry. I'll made some next time i cook another omelette! Please note this is not diet food at all! This is a little tricky to do but it tastes greatly either cold or just made and will last a few days in the fridge. You'll need: - 3 eggs
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